Wellness ….feel, think and act into your everyday wellness

Kia Ora dear all …. it`s been a rainy day here in Tāmaki Makaurau- Auckland and there is a distinct chill in the winds….I have had a relaxing day and the general tone of today reminded me that I wish to write about the flow between feelings, thinking and actions. In the work that I do , I advocate for people to always identify their feelings- be it happy or not happy. As humans we are constantly feeling varying emotions throughout the day…

That’s my Fern happy light and easy ❤️

Feelings are not a side component of a life well lived – they are essential ways we live as a whole embodied being– Dan Seigel

Learning to identify feelings gives us scope to manage those feelings well. When we are happy we are led into doing things that make us happy .

However when we feel sadness or anger or fear….. there is a tendency to say “I am feeling rather low….. giving the feeling a name allows one to take ownership of the feelings.

Expressions of interest 😎

FEEL: When feeling low – It is essential to give the FEELING a name ….. and acknowledge that FEELING.

Kindness to ourselves ☀️

THINK :take time to accept that feeling and then pace yourself – by taking time to think , engage in BRIEF self talk -as to what is making you feel this way- ask yourself what can be done to make you feel better- When we have “FEELINGS” that trouble us … it is good practice to be mindful and not to be consumed by feelings that sometimes trouble us – at varying times.

Example – I am feeling irritable and wary as I was not able to do all that I wanted to accomplish today . It will be okay – I can make a better plan – “tomorrow is another day”- Always remember to be kind to yourself – and use gentle and kind words when addressing yourself – 🙂

Also check in with your support person , a person you trust and it is always ok to connect to those who bring you to a better place 🙂

Do what makes you kinder happier …. 🌟

The healthy move to adulthood is towards interdependence – not complete “do it yourself” isolation – Dan Seigel

ACT : Be brave and let that feeling GO -it is about being aware of your feelings, naming your feelings- acknowledging this and then letting it go.

🌟Embrace the sparkle of fitness each day 🚲

Treat yourself to engage in an activity that is constructive – kind and engaging.

The framework for my writing today is from Dan Seigel , Bruce Perry and Dr.Bessel – am so grateful for the works of these great minds -High recommend to check in with their work when you do have some time 🙂

The fine balance 😊

Keep well – Be safe – Take care


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