Rajeshwari Balachandran Registered Psychologist;

Masters Special Education -Massey University

Post Graduate Diploma in Educational Psychology -Massey University

Diploma Special Needs Resource Teaching – RTLB -Auckland University

Certificate of TESSOL ( Auckland College of Education)

Diploma in Teaching (for Primary school).

Masters in English Literature ( Univiersyt of Madras, India)

Kia Ora to my readers ,

It is 23 years since I have made NZ my home – we came here as a young family with our two very young boys . I have loved this cross cultural journey of learning and growing from the myriads of experiences. I have always been looking for an opportunity to share my learning to those who might find some of my insights useful.

Having tried a few avenues , I simply made the decision that the time to start is now. The source of my insights is books , my art ,my avid interest in music and fitness, the experiences that has made me the person I am today. Parenthood and pets have played a huge influence in fine-tuning me.

“Aha koa iti he pounamu” -is the whakatauki that guides my engagement – no matter who we are , each of us have a skills set – that defines the core of our individuality.

I aspire to add a little each day to this wellness studio- and hoping that my insights would resonate with some of your experiences and bring a little more wellness to each of you …

Signing off with Dalai Lama`s words

Be kind whenever possible . It is always possible

Sample of my favourite work