Wellbeing workshop

Reach 4 Art offers wellbeing workshops for both children and adults.

The workshops are structured as follows:

  • 30 minutes of art
  • 20 minutes of yoga stretches
  • 10 minutes of breathing
  • 10 minutes of interactive discussion

Four pillars of the workshop include:

Art: At the end of ten sessions, you will take home an art piece that you would have created.

Movement: At the end of the term, you know five yoga stretches that are beneficial for your balance and wellbeing.

Breathing: We will have timed sessions where we use breath as a tool to improve wellbeing.

Discussion: All of the sessions will have a discussion time around wellbeing; the discussion will be knowledge and evidence based.

Experiences and Insights

I am still working on navigating through my page ….. so the pages are not going to be orderly for sometime ….Apologies if this looks confusing

Love for any learning – willingness to appreciate cultures adds priceless value to one`s wellness reserve ….

In 2014 , I was fortunate to get some additional leave and hence I decided to do some solo travel – in the quest for learning of a new language and culture …

Of unity in diversity.. Oceans of the Pacific, Indian and Atlantic Way beyond the cultural distinctiveness ,what resonates is the human spirit of connectedness that wins through a mutual appreciation of language , culture and heritage. It is this generosity of spirit through associations, experiences and life long friendships that allows me to call beautiful Aotearoa my home.

Contrary to the preconceived notion, that I may be met with a certain sense of aloofness …..I have been pleasantly surprised by the warmth and hospitality of the Mediterranean region ; the willingness of the des de Francaise to connect with me through my most sincere attempt to use the language. I did not have an opportunity to savor this in a leisurely pace when Anand and I visited Nice during our previous fast paced tour…. …..Isabelle my host is all about exuberance of French hospitality at it’s warmest.we begin with legume (vegetables)and bread, followed by meat and a vegetable accompaniment and finishing with a cheese combination and thenst to fruit and dessert , finishing with tea or coffee. I am compelled to think of the four course “layered” meal of the region of India I come from where ….we begin with the sambar, rasam and yoghurt.,,,; each of these goes with the rice and has to be accompanied by two side dishes …that caters to the vegetarian and the non- vegetarian .we finish with either a sweet treat or the payasam.

Each region of India is unique with it’s distinctive hospitalities and specialities ….Of influences Pacifuc ,the bicultural experiences has been both intriguing snd endearing. .”Noho marae” where protocol and Tikanga of the Maori ( tangata whenua – indigenous people of the land )have been paramount . The food , the kindness and the nurturing that is offered at the marae by Maori has been most gratifying ; some of the meals that I have enjoyed in particular with my Pakeha friends have delighted me just as much with a robust combination of simplicity ,warmth, style and spontaneity ….The season, the food, the clothes, the high rised buildings, cold tiled floors ……..waking through the streets of Nice ….has an air of de ja vu….

I am so reminded of the narrow streets, ‘the veedhees’ of Coimbatore, Madurai and Chennai,,….Perhaps the French were just as fascinated with the vastness, hospitality, the diversity,the affluence and the cultural opulence that India had to offer…. Of course as I walk the air is rich with a buzzzzz of the language…… the sole purpose of my visit thus year . The narrow cobbled streets are checkered with tiny shops ….some display an array of fine linen for prices that lure you for it’s affordability , others house colorful trinkets,or condiment of sweets, dried fruit and fresh herbs…..

As I take in the scenario and the prices , It feels as though I am being rei-informed of the immensity of distance of we in NZ are from the rest of the world .. there is a heavy cost of bringing range of goods and finery and therefore the exorbitant price range ….I hear the distant whirring of motors, the sound of the gong from a far away church, the tunes of jazz, children talking, …..as I pen from the Mediterranean.

I am incredibly thankful for the supports that I have enjoyed which allowed me to travel and gain a wealth of experiences.

Experiences that help us connect with the world play a significant role in making our lives the way we want to it to be……

Another Travel Story

Another travel story from a little while ago . Travel feeds an underlying quest for knowledge …. a willingness to connect to people and the world outside ….makes our lives rich with memories to treasure forever

Following my brief holiday to London I wrote the lines below and I am so happy to share this with you all. Feeling grateful , writing on our experiences , adds to our bank of wellness and resilience …

A thousand years of architectural brilliance….. history, culture and much much more…

The intent of my visit to London was about spending some precious moments with my oldest …. however lure of travels and norms of bureaucracy meant it was time with friends for now …. “things change when you change the way you look at thing.”The world is truly your oyster wheh you appreciate of what’s around , and in the myriads of little connections you make as you move through ….,

Loved fabric of life in London with choice highlight of visiting my dear nephew @Oxford. And then the sights and sounds of Berlin with friends close to heart …

the value of time in the making of one’s own sense of connectedness …. what we sometimes refer to as “making memories….”😉