Of memories- beliefs and wellness …..

Kia Ora to you all

I nearly missed making an input for my blog this month -however the discussions I had with my clients and with some of my fellow humans has inspired me to add to my writings. The work that I do and the books that support my experience – has been hugely helpful in teaching me to identify emerging patterns of behaviour within myself and with those around me. I am grateful for this learning and it is a privilege to be able to share….

The intention of today` s writing -is looking at our irritabilities and discontent from a perspective of our childhood experiences. Most of us have a pattern of how we engage with ourselves and with our fellow humans- be it family, friends or our work community.

Positive memories:  It is worthwhile to make time to sit down and write down – what gives  joy –  earliest memories of feeling brave and cherished – and what makes us smile in peace .

Not so positive: On that same note – make time and space to write down what creates sadness -memories that resonate with loss, our earliest memories of anger, guilt, shame, resentment and then images that instil a sense of fear.

Be informed that each of us as individuals – we are a sum total of our happy memories and our not so happy memories. The combination of memories – makes up for our experiences and the perception and beliefs/ world views that we have about ourselves and about the world that we live in….

Here are some ways to address irritabilities that show up unexpectedly….

So when we recognise the hint of irritability or resentment or anger or disappointment – we can manage and win – when we learn to go back to those early memories when we felt these emotions at varying levels. Learn to teach yourself that those memories belong to the past –

The emotions you feel now stem from how you responded to a situation from the past. It comes from a deficit belief system that – “I am not enough” – I am not in control and / or it is my fault

  1. The not so positive memories unfortunately go on to build our deficit belief systems.
  2. Deficit belief system comes from how we have learnt to think about ourselves -based on some of our not so positive experiences.
  3. Nurture the truth that our individual perceptions need not necessarily be true.

You might have been a child where you had little control or you might have been in circumstances that were difficult to set right- use forgiveness and acceptance on self

Use kind language to teach the self that there are plentiful choices now

We do not have to respond in the same way we did then – because each of us are here in the present moment and in the NOW💙

The present moment has plentiful opportunities – the present moment has plethora of possibilities and the present moment is a GIFT☀️

Use it to fill up your cup- where you feel sadness- replace it with joy – do simple things that give you joy – do it everyday and delight in the emotion of JOY❤️

Where you feel anger – replace it with peace – do things that fill you with contentment and do this everyday🍀

Where you feel fear- choose courage – go and take small steps that make you feel brave and proud and strong- try this everyday 🌟

When you have the choice between being right and being kind just choose kind- Wayne Dyer