On the Science of happiness…


Live, Love, Serve | May,2023 | 16/3/2023

Kia Ora everyone,

 I begin my work today with glimpses of the sun`s rays hitting sharply at my window pane – it feels right that I have chosen to connect with you all on the subject of happiness.

The intention here is to share the science of happiness with you all.

Happiness is a state of being when our feelings, thoughts and actions feel light and easy and are in coherence with each other.

Happiness influences the quality of our lives- It has the capability to instill in us a zest for living – paving the way for us to do better for ourselves and for those around us

Happiness is also about how well we know ourselves

How well we Understand our needs and fulfil pir aspirations

Happiness is about having your cups brimming to the full

Doing the things you love – Emanating kindness to yourselves and those around

Arthur Brooks, an eminent professor teaching Happiness in Harvard University has come out with a very clever equation to Happiness.

Enjoyment + Meaning + Satisfaction = Happiness

So, when you evaluate the level of happiness

Enjoyment – How much of enjoyment is there in the things that you do  

Begin to add on things that feel like fun and bring in the smiles

Meaning or Purpose: Check in each day for the activities that serve a purpose – every little task counts


The purpose of walking is exercise

Purpose of eating out is for enjoying the flavors, connecting with loved ones

Satisfaction is founded upon a belief system and values.

 – is about feeling gratified that you have done well – we can get this when we connect with supportive family or with friends where we feel known; satisfaction can also come from the work –

When we know – our work is rewarded and that our work is helping people

I have elaborated simple facts on brain science in my previous blogs – one such fact is the brain helps us to think it helps us to move and it is connected to our head, heart and gut.

But the core function of the brain is relational. i.e.- the more we are connected to others and help others through work or play the better the happiness quotient and the quality of our lives.

Research indicates the more you engage in kindness,the more you stay connected-  more you increase the levels of feel good hormones that improve  health and wellbeing

Oxytocin in the name of the feel good hormones that add to our wellness quotient

When we look at some one in the eye  and smile – we get a doze of oxytocin – by the way pets help with oxytocin too – of course dogs more than cats – according to  the experts 😊

“The four pillars of happiness are faith, family, community and meaningful work- these are priorities that we have to keep investing in”- Arthur Brooks

On that note wishing you a light , easy and joyful Tuesday

Much love

Ma te wa