Wellness – Finding our own truths

Clouds come floating into my life no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add colour to my sunset sky”- Rabindranath Tagore

My Dear Readers ,

The intention of today`s writing is to share insights from my morning`s 10k walk with a much cherished human friend.

Today as I meandered through Auckland suburbia, I happened to look at homes – all kinds of homes – the ordinary ones, and of course some extra ordinary – the simple ones, the ones with blue grey tones, and the ones with buxom hedges, white roses, broken gates, unkempt lawns – green door steps, white verandahs and steep drives.

What fascinated and took over my thoughts – was each of them have a history that is unique…. They are not just homes but spaces that have a solemn presence – that contain both moments and memorabilia – some happy, precious, cherished – the homes have also witnessed moments sad, painful and perhaps even tragic. But what I saw in that stillness – is that each of the homes have withstood the trials and tribulations that comes with the history of time.

No matter how ordinary or extra ordinary they looked -they also had witnessed moments that they have lived through and had-their own individual story that to tell.

My role here I recognized was only to admire and be fascinated as an observer and participant of the undulating changes that caught my eye.

Each of us are a product– of our lineage, our belief systems and our individual experiences. Some experiences make us thrive and some make us almost cringe for cover. We can acknowledge the truths – however there is no need to feel bad of experiences that make us cringe –

We do not have to be caught forever in the throes of our lineage – stepping out of our history is a powerful way to claim our rights to craft our own unique experiences – that are rich– nurturing and gratifying.

The journey of  a thousand miles begins with one step- Lao Tzu

Here are ways to craft our own nurturing stories and experiences

  • Surround yourselves with people who care – who make you smile and laugh with ease
  • Begin taking notice of what you/ we really like
  • Develop a habit to serve those in need – it does not have to be through money it can be through sharing of your time – your skills or just being there for someone
  • Cultivate a reading habit – the more you read – the richer you become emotionally and intellectually and then your world becomes that much bigger and better
  • Take up a hobby that keeps you engaged
  • Engage in creative pursuits
  • Go on a walk and take in sights that delight you
  • Have a focus or intention for each day
  • Talk to someone who can help – there are heaps of wellbeing agencies
  • Be unafraid -ask for help x 3 or as many times you need it – there are always good people and systems that serve
  • Create a writing habit
  • Begin to write notes to yourself
  • Start with reminder notes and then progress to making affirmations that make you smile
  • Be fiercely kind and compassionate to yourself – this can be hard 😊 and
  • Be fiercely disciplined when talking about someone else (whether family or not family _ or of someone that bothers you – this is usually extremely extremely  difficult 😊 – but when we work toward this, we can literally measure our growth in leaps and bounds
  • Be generous about the mistakes of the past generation – our mums – dads- grandparents- they did what they knew best
  • Te tiro atu to kanohi ki tairawhiti ana tera whiti te ra kite ataata ka hinga ki muri kia koe.”
  • “Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you.”- Maori whakatauki
  • For NOW
  • No matter what our experiences or history has been – each of us are unique individuals and we have in us the means to put our best foot forward
  • Looking forward –
  •  It is our turn to live our lives
  • Each day with sincerity – with
  • Sense of purpose and as best as we can – and
  • Believe that this can be done

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams – live the life you`ve imagined”- henry David Thoreau

Sending warm wishes for crafting  unique scripts to choose routines with care – live each day with meaning and purpose-   that open the doorways to  plentiful joy ,lots of love and endless tunes of harmony.


Happiness as an everyday emotion

The intention for today`s writing is about choosing to be happy no matter what??? – What????

Yesss “Come from a place of peace and you`ll find that you can deal with anything”- Micheal Singer.

COVID TIMES:  is our new reality – Currently we have limited social engagement, we have made significant changes to the way we live, some of us have lost our jobs and some of us can no; longer take holidays or visit family. This has now become a new reality. I have experienced some of the aforesaid limitations first hand, personally. I also work with people whose lives have changed dramatically in the current times.

Pre-COVID:  However, we humans have also been through passages of time – when COVID was unknown –We still had challenges -some of us lost jobs, some families separated and some of us lost loved ones and the list can go on……

  • How we choose to respond to those challenges is an indicator of our social and emotional intelligence.
  • How we maintain our state of mind – our emotions through our challenges – also is a measure of our physical and emotional health .  
  • Wellness comes when we choose happiness as an everyday emotion – to live mindfully – breath after breath – moment to moment

Insight for all times:   

Challenges are an inherent aspect of human experience. There`s always going to be something that niggles at us – it could be about not having enough, or wanting to go somewhere or needing to be with family who live far far far away or wishing that our aches and pains would go away or …….

Wellness comes when we choose to make conscious choices – moment to moment; careful choices of the emotions that we choose to keep and the emotions that we choose to let go. Choosing to be happy is achievable – happiness is an emotion that fills us up and keep us calm. Happiness is an emotion that paves the way for better health…

The choice is ours to be happy in any given moment – no matter what

This does not come easily – nevertheless it can be achieved when we

Spend time in breathwork

Use time to exercise

Find meaningful moments in creative pursuits

Seek solace in the midst of mature

Grow our knowledge through the wisdom of books

Delight in the senses – the tastes, the sounds and the textures that life has to offer

Choose kindness on ourselves; Use trust and patience Practice gratitude – day after day 😊

Live in the now – The perfect moment is this one – Jon Kabat Zinn