Musings ….. adding on to everyday wellness.

This weekend ….I hiked with a favourite human friend of mine along with Fern my furbub – we went on a mini hike to One Tree Hill. From atop we saw – Mt.Eden basking in the light just a little higher from my peak where I stood and then Mt. Albert that seemed like a mini hill – took delight in sighting the lean sky tower amidst the undulating greens – and felt sheer joy in making it to the top !

The day was warm pleasant and the air was cool – I felt blessed to be amidst kind and fun company.
The intention of sharing my musings is to affirm the goodness that comes with
Taking time in being observant and
Being engaged (in our present moment )- in the now.

Taking time to observe is a carefully thought out process of making sense of the happenings around …
Gives scope to take a step back – instead of rushing into thoughtless utterances or
Engaging in actions that are carelessly impulsive –
Being observant is conducive to thoughtful words and kind actions
It is therefore an inherent part of reflection kindness and compassion.
Being observant is also then a stepping stone to wellness and resilience

All of us going through this pandemic era of ours are aware of how this illness wipes through communities regardless of socio-economic or gender or culture boundaries and divides. It has swept through nations deemed as third world and then the swipe has been twice as deadly in the developed nations of our world. This illness whiffs with ease way past the thresholds of humble dwellings and magnificient castles – as it cares not in the least and knows not between the haves and have-nots!!
Yet it seems ironic that we hear stories where regions or people afflicted by this illness are sometimes scorned upon by those that remain untouched for now …. hmmmmmmm- however let`s go with the wisest option to merge this illusory divide by

  • Being mindful that for now – all of us are connected in going through this journey together and
  • Celebrating the steady strickle of stories that celebrate kindness and compassion.

So now dear readers what are you doing to stay observant and being in the now- here are some suggestions

  • Take time to engage a 100% with whatever you may be doing
  • Be it giving your time in talking to a friend or
  • Listening to the words in a song
  • Enjoying the flavours in your meal
  • Giving thanks to the food that nourishes you and to the roof and walls of your home that protects and keeps you warm

If you happen to live in the Southern Hemisphere do pause and
Count the daffodils that are beginning to bloom and watch out for the lambs heralding the arrival of Spring ….

Let`s finish with lines from our most regarded poet of the nineteenth century Shelley ” If Winter comes , can Spring be far behind ?”


Wellness – welcoming individual kindness and peace ….🍀🎼🛶❤️🌟

A pictures that emanates kindness and compassion

I heard a podcast – and the speaker referred to emotions as “energy in motion.”….and I am compelled to write on this especially now as we are left with dealing with the element of unpredictability and challenges that come with this – our collective COVID era.

Visions – thoughts that visit -stillness and motion

Scaffolding this further the positive emotions such as joy, happiness, kindness and love ….. Is bound to elevate our energy levels. It is a known truth that high energy levels boost our immunity – and our physical and emotional wellbeing .Emotions such as sadness, anger , fear or hatred is bound to bring a decline in our energy levels. Decline in energy levels sadly impact on our immune system and create a sense of displacement in our physical and emotional wellness.

“Be kind, for whenever kindness becomes part of something, it beautifies it” – Prophet Muhammed

All schools of wise thought proclaim the same. The Gita and Buddhism refers that the turmoil we see globally is a reflection of the conflict that we have within our minds….. The peace harmony and wellness within us impacts on our external world…. Just by keeping our peace – we welcome harmony for ourselves and for this world we habitat. The Quran speaks of kindness as a reflection of faith within. The prayer of St. Francis of Assisi begins thus…. “Make me an instrument of your peace ……

My dear readers let’s do all of the things that help us keep our peace within each of ourselves, our homes – and in our beautiful world that we co-habitat. So here are some lines from yours truly 😉

To keep the peace within

To instil – celebrate wellness for those around us  

To practice kindness and connectedness in some form each and everyday

Is in itself a humane act of service- In gratitude, in wellness for now and forever

 “ Be Kind it is always possible” – The Dalai Lama

Wellness on a Rainy Saturday …..infusing creativity and intention…

Is always transformative – let’s call this picture A chosen path – 😊

There are days when we all feel – what seems an edge to a quest to do something- but not sure what ……such days can also give us a sense of ennui or boredom. However adding intention to this feeling can completely transform the flow of each day…

As I connect with family in India and with friends who live in places in perpetual “lockdown mode” – I realise that purpose and intention gives anchorage and / or direction to the flow of each day.

Living solo I have been through a journey where I have learnt that “living on my own” is an empowering experience. This did not come easy for me at all . This was very difficult , completely challenging and most daunting at the start. What helped me make it to where I am today is intention and purpose
I did this by taking an audit- making a plan of
– How I wish to spend my time and with who?
– How can I transform my day into being meaningful
– What activities bring me delight and joy
– What exchange of conversations add kindness
– Connecting with cherished ones- my all new tribe – my
adult sons, my friends- and ofcourse my furbubs
– Remembering to smile – share a laugh
-Having a project that is engaging
– Remembering to forgive even those who have caused us deep anguish
– Learning to embrace unconditional acceptance and

Making time for meditative practice and
– Always remembering to serve

Learning to understand that that so much of what shows up in our material world emanates for a reason unbeknownst …. to us … Adding a clip on from one of my all time favourites – Wayne Dyer on Power of Intention

I write this watching the rain – taking delight in the grey blue skies , the yellow bloom and the peaceful green right outside my window of my study. My dear readers- As I take note of this …. and connect with you with intention- all that comes to me is simple sense of benevolence and gratitude……
Wishing you all a very fulfilling Saturday with much love

“The present moment is filled with joy and happiness. If you are attentive you will see it” – Thich Nhat Hanh

Here’s My most favourite Nobel Laureate

Wellness and friends..making of our own tribes

Who we welcome into our lives to be our cherished friends is integral to each of our wellness journey…. The intention of sharing this post my dear readers is to affirm the significance of friendships and meaningful connections in our personal growth.

“It is one of the most beautiful compensations of life that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself…. serve and thou shall be served” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Being an immigrant – family for me , here in NZ constitutes my adult sons along with my furbubs and my family in India – the latter being my mum , my siblings and my aunts and my cousins – some immediate and some extended who I count as cherished friends. Also very fortunate for still holding on to some of my friends from the time I was five or perhaps even younger .. However – In today’s context many of us are far removed from our immediate families and friends – for numerous reasons – some intentional and others by happenings ,events , choices and sadly , pandemics that is far beyond our control.

Each of us have the opportunity to meet and make few or myriads of connections…. I firmly believe that different people complete different purposes in our lives …

So as much as connections are important … it is twice as important that each of our connections have a purpose – enrich our life path through robust conversations ,shared interests , empathy , kindness , physical wellness ,much love and a lot of fun.

I have been very fortunate here in beautiful Aotearoa – that each of the connections I have consciously made – have brought me so much of joy and wellness into my everyday living – so I today I choose to give humble and loving thanks to the cherished friendships – my tribe – for making me the person I am today!!!

So sharing some quick check in queries that help in making meaningful connections ….

  • What is the shared purpose here- interests, values or goals etc
  • What difference does this connection bring to me
  • What value do I add to them- him or her
  • The time component – do we really have the time at all – good to take an audit
  • Most important – What is the feeling that I get in his or her midst – feeling light easy and energised means – good keep going … and
  • Always remember to be kind to yourselves
My artwork called -The Rhapsody 🌟
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