Thoughts on Values

Kia Ora dear readers,

“Your habits become your values and your values become your destiny”- Mahatma Gandhi

Things that bring me a smile 🙂

Today I am writing about the significance of using values for our day today living and giving.

The core purpose of how we live is defined by the values we choose to hold close to our hearts

The values we hold close to our hearts gives us a sense of connectedness to ourselves.

Having values imbibes our lives with purpose.

Values inspires us to have social connections that are meaningful.

It is the values that we cherish that defines and inspire us to give back to the community.

Through giving back to the community we find purpose and

Purpose inspires us to serve and do our best

and with service comes fulfillment.

Here are my values – Empathy, Safety, Love and Service

I slept and dreamt that life was joy-I awoke and saw that life was service -I acted and behold service was joy- Rabindranath Tagore

How do we pick our values….?

Choose the things you love to do …. and be aware of things that motivate you

Be aware of individual strengths and weaknesses

Be proud of your/our strengths and show acceptance and patience towards your/ our own weaknesses

Remember things and moments that brought a smile

Read Biographies or blogs on those who have done well for themselves…. and

Be observant of what has worked for them

Always strive to be in the company of those who bring calm, joy, sense of peace and connectedness

Begin to engage in activities that engage you and then gradually fill up your day with a set of tasks or activities that add fun and meaning to your life.

Make this an everyday habit.

Finishing my writing with Thoreau`s words – It is the beauty within us that makes it possible for us to recognize the beauty around us.”

Have a joyful weekend ….much love