Purpose and wellness …..

Kia Ora my dear readers… my writing today is on affirming purpose driven days….. regardless of whether we live on our own or have company.
And thennnnnn – purpose allows us to have a “drive” to our day…. what are we doing today and why??? …… one day adds to many others and yesssss …..that makes up our life or lives 🙂 …… so each day matters

So I do, really value the wisdom that comes from
what is our life about ?? what is the purpose …..

Purpose driven life is about enjoying the simplicity of everyday living – it does not necessarily be about anything lofty like building an empire or ……???
Purpose is motivated by connectedness to ourselves and those of us around – and therefore purpose has everything to do with wellness.

So here I am sharing for you -few of the simple things I do to to abide by a purpose driven life

  1. Stick to routines – this allows me with plenty of time- oh precious time- to embrace all the things I love – such as long walks , my art, time with my furbubs, and connecting with my friends, finding places that sells the best coffee and then much much more
  2. Do my work mindfully – engage in the moment at home and at work …..this helps in a lot of soul driven work that I find extremely gratifying
  3. Keep in loving kind and fun company ….the love we emanate- comes back to us in plentiful- ….. activating the mirror neurons

Stay in the energy field of higher energy people and your anger, hate, fear and depression will melt – magically converting to the higher expressions of intention- Wayne Dyer

So for now, it is your turn to take an audit of how you keep up your wellness quotient by living a purpose driven life


Language and wellness

Greetings – It is blistering cold and windy in the Southern Hemisphere. Today my dear readers I am sharing my perspectives on language. I speak fluent Tamil – read and write the language and love using my language with my friends and family . I delight just as much in using the English language – love the flow of words that have rhythm and ring to it …. and am grateful that I come from a lineage fluent in both languages .

Language we all know serves the purpose of communication .

Language helps us to create and make meaning -of the myriads of experiences that life offers.

Language is a powerful tool that we use to describe our social experiences and emotional experiences .

Teaching ourselves to choose to use affirming words is a way of inducing positivity , welcoming connectedness and boosting our wellness quotient

Enriching our vocabulary is a way of widening our perspectives too. Those of us who are fluent in our first language also have the gift of living within the concept of a richer paradigm of beliefs

Living in Aotearoa , i have the privilege of experiencing the Treaty in practice – I am learning to use Te Reo ( Maori language ) in my everyday life . I enjoy the concept of connectedness that is celebrated in Te Reo- and the gentle kindness and mutual respect that is an inherent aspect of our indigenous culture.

Of gratitude – yes again

As I sit down at my son’s chilling after the “grand puppy – sitting “ duties I felt this very pertinent to pen my thankful thoughts into words …

Gratitude I believe is contagious . Just this morning I bumped into two brief clips on gratitude … and thought I must check in with you all my readers to see if you are topping up your wellness with dollops of gratitude

Relaxing in comfort of my son’s – here are a bit more to my musings … As an individual i spend a good portion of my time at home on my own …. while this once seemed daunting – it no longer is 😃

Instead I am thankful that while I get a lot of joy in remaining connected to family , friends my pets – my interests – there is something just as energising about solitude that comforts and restores our being.

Sharing Gretchen Ruben’s video clip on gratitude …..

So together let’s make a list of 5 things we are grateful for today -include even the mundane things – like enjoying a hot cup of tea in peace

Let’s write them down – celebrate the details

And as we write them -let’s engage in the moment and be informed this is a powerful wellness activity – that calms us and informs us -just how lucky we are to have the opportunity to live and love yet another day ❤️🌟☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️

Healing through grief…

Grief knocks at our doorsteps … at any given time – and the commonality with grief is that – it comes with pain…what we call trauma. There is so much truth in the fact that trauma cannot be compared – regardless of whether you were or are caught in the context of an intense loss, loss of kin or loss of all your wealth or something less intense like not being able to see your loved ones or losing your job or your pets

This morning I met two fellow humans and in the course of our conversation, I learnt that they had recently lost their pets through a bizarre accident that happened within their own home setting. What I saw and heard was a sense of deep regret and loss together with an element of guilt. I also felt heartened that they were supported by their loved ones in coming to terms with their loss ….There was also this acceptance of the grief- the sadness and the helplessness that came with it….

Acceptance: The intention of today`s post is my dear readers to speak of grief ….. and also advocate for the unconditional acceptance of grief – and the profound sadness that comes with it ; for acceptance allows for ownership – and ownership means responsibility ….

Responsibility in finding ways to still stay connected to ourselves – to those around us – and to engage in little or big tasks that make meaning to us once again. All of us have had some form of grief ….what I also learnt from grief is – it takes incredible amount of patience …. there is no quick fix to know when the pain leaves…

Connecting to ourselves through prayer

Reflection or any meditative practice

Having a select few as our trusted friends or family ( we each make our own tribe)

Connecting to others through some form of service ,

Offering to help

Remembering to be extra kind and gentle to ourselves

Spending time with nature , books , music and excercise and

Making every day count by feeling grateful are all incredible avenues that allow for healing peace and resilience

Life must be measured by thought and action and not by time Sir John Lubbock

Feeling thankful…

Making a personal note to be thankful for all of our teeny weeny blessings – makes way for those big blessings coming towards us .Being grateful makes our thoughts go bigger and wider ; our thinking expands and so does our world view ❤️of how things work out …

Feeling thankful allows us to be in the moment – allows us to take an audit of what’s working well for us . When we pay attention to what’s working well for us … we can also lead ourselves to repeating those moments in time that adds simple mindful joy in our everyday life …☀️

Inculcating this habit of feeling thankful as an everyday activity – also means creating this repetition of feeling good .Refer to my previous blog on the science of resilience – repetition of any activity that gives us a sense of calm – also creates resilience. ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️

So my dear readers when we take a pause to feel thankful for the positive moments of the day – we allow ourselves to reflect – to connect to what makes us happy. Finding happiness in smallest of things – is a stepping stone to a belief system that allows us to recreate – a gentler lighter and joyous script of how we want our lives to be 🍀

So here are the 5 things I am thankful for on this day – the intention of sharing this – is that each of you who come upon my blog may perhaps -begin this practice of feeling thankful- either by thinking or writing – you may choose to make this very brief or add on the detail and indulge in feeling thankful – a powerful excercise in everyday wellness😊 🎶❤️🌟🌟

The sun shining through the cold crisp air – when I took my Fern for a walk this avo…

Connecting with a friend and my cousin over my yummy dinner

Enjoying the cheese that was given as a gift

A very brief exchange of texts with each of my boys and

The sound of the waves