Purpose and wellness …..

Kia Ora my dear readers… my writing today is on affirming purpose driven days….. regardless of whether we live on our own or have company.
And thennnnnn – purpose allows us to have a “drive” to our day…. what are we doing today and why??? …… one day adds to many others and yesssss …..that makes up our life or lives 🙂 …… so each day matters

So I do, really value the wisdom that comes from
what is our life about ?? what is the purpose …..

Purpose driven life is about enjoying the simplicity of everyday living – it does not necessarily be about anything lofty like building an empire or ……???
Purpose is motivated by connectedness to ourselves and those of us around – and therefore purpose has everything to do with wellness.

So here I am sharing for you -few of the simple things I do to to abide by a purpose driven life

  1. Stick to routines – this allows me with plenty of time- oh precious time- to embrace all the things I love – such as long walks , my art, time with my furbubs, and connecting with my friends, finding places that sells the best coffee and then much much more
  2. Do my work mindfully – engage in the moment at home and at work …..this helps in a lot of soul driven work that I find extremely gratifying
  3. Keep in loving kind and fun company ….the love we emanate- comes back to us in plentiful- ….. activating the mirror neurons

Stay in the energy field of higher energy people and your anger, hate, fear and depression will melt – magically converting to the higher expressions of intention- Wayne Dyer

So for now, it is your turn to take an audit of how you keep up your wellness quotient by living a purpose driven life


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