Wellness and friends..making of our own tribes

Who we welcome into our lives to be our cherished friends is integral to each of our wellness journey…. The intention of sharing this post my dear readers is to affirm the significance of friendships and meaningful connections in our personal growth.

“It is one of the most beautiful compensations of life that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself…. serve and thou shall be served” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Being an immigrant – family for me , here in NZ constitutes my adult sons along with my furbubs and my family in India – the latter being my mum , my siblings and my aunts and my cousins – some immediate and some extended who I count as cherished friends. Also very fortunate for still holding on to some of my friends from the time I was five or perhaps even younger .. However – In today’s context many of us are far removed from our immediate families and friends – for numerous reasons – some intentional and others by happenings ,events , choices and sadly , pandemics that is far beyond our control.

Each of us have the opportunity to meet and make few or myriads of connections…. I firmly believe that different people complete different purposes in our lives …

So as much as connections are important … it is twice as important that each of our connections have a purpose – enrich our life path through robust conversations ,shared interests , empathy , kindness , physical wellness ,much love and a lot of fun.

I have been very fortunate here in beautiful Aotearoa – that each of the connections I have consciously made – have brought me so much of joy and wellness into my everyday living – so I today I choose to give humble and loving thanks to the cherished friendships – my tribe – for making me the person I am today!!!

So sharing some quick check in queries that help in making meaningful connections ….

  • What is the shared purpose here- interests, values or goals etc
  • What difference does this connection bring to me
  • What value do I add to them- him or her
  • The time component – do we really have the time at all – good to take an audit
  • Most important – What is the feeling that I get in his or her midst – feeling light easy and energised means – good keep going … and
  • Always remember to be kind to yourselves
My artwork called -The Rhapsody 🌟

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