Wellness on a Rainy Saturday …..infusing creativity and intention…

Is always transformative – let’s call this picture A chosen path – 😊

There are days when we all feel – what seems an edge to a quest to do something- but not sure what ……such days can also give us a sense of ennui or boredom. However adding intention to this feeling can completely transform the flow of each day…

As I connect with family in India and with friends who live in places in perpetual “lockdown mode” – I realise that purpose and intention gives anchorage and / or direction to the flow of each day.

Living solo I have been through a journey where I have learnt that “living on my own” is an empowering experience. This did not come easy for me at all . This was very difficult , completely challenging and most daunting at the start. What helped me make it to where I am today is intention and purpose
I did this by taking an audit- making a plan of
– How I wish to spend my time and with who?
– How can I transform my day into being meaningful
– What activities bring me delight and joy
– What exchange of conversations add kindness
– Connecting with cherished ones- my all new tribe – my
adult sons, my friends- and ofcourse my furbubs
– Remembering to smile – share a laugh
-Having a project that is engaging
– Remembering to forgive even those who have caused us deep anguish
– Learning to embrace unconditional acceptance and

Making time for meditative practice and
– Always remembering to serve

Learning to understand that that so much of what shows up in our material world emanates for a reason unbeknownst …. to us … Adding a clip on from one of my all time favourites – Wayne Dyer on Power of Intention

I write this watching the rain – taking delight in the grey blue skies , the yellow bloom and the peaceful green right outside my window of my study. My dear readers- As I take note of this …. and connect with you with intention- all that comes to me is simple sense of benevolence and gratitude……
Wishing you all a very fulfilling Saturday with much love

“The present moment is filled with joy and happiness. If you are attentive you will see it” – Thich Nhat Hanh

Here’s My most favourite Nobel Laureate

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