Wellness – welcoming individual kindness and peace â€¦.🍀🎼🛶❤️🌟

A pictures that emanates kindness and compassion

I heard a podcast – and the speaker referred to emotions as “energy in motion.”….and I am compelled to write on this especially now as we are left with dealing with the element of unpredictability and challenges that come with this – our collective COVID era.

Visions – thoughts that visit -stillness and motion

Scaffolding this further the positive emotions such as joy, happiness, kindness and love ….. Is bound to elevate our energy levels. It is a known truth that high energy levels boost our immunity – and our physical and emotional wellbeing .Emotions such as sadness, anger , fear or hatred is bound to bring a decline in our energy levels. Decline in energy levels sadly impact on our immune system and create a sense of displacement in our physical and emotional wellness.

“Be kind, for whenever kindness becomes part of something, it beautifies it” – Prophet Muhammed

All schools of wise thought proclaim the same. The Gita and Buddhism refers that the turmoil we see globally is a reflection of the conflict that we have within our minds….. The peace harmony and wellness within us impacts on our external world…. Just by keeping our peace – we welcome harmony for ourselves and for this world we habitat. The Quran speaks of kindness as a reflection of faith within. The prayer of St. Francis of Assisi begins thus…. “Make me an instrument of your peace ……

My dear readers let’s do all of the things that help us keep our peace within each of ourselves, our homes – and in our beautiful world that we co-habitat. So here are some lines from yours truly 😉

To keep the peace within

To instil – celebrate wellness for those around us  

To practice kindness and connectedness in some form each and everyday

Is in itself a humane act of service- In gratitude, in wellness for now and forever

 â€œ Be Kind it is always possible” – The Dalai Lama


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