☀️Wellness in the New Year…☀️

Kia Ora my dear readers ,

Greetings to you all from the Southern Hemisphere ☀️The year has begun with plentiful sunshine and the air is warm and filled with light and hope . I pondered a bit on what to write about for my first blog for this year .

A slice of Heaven –
Taken on the day this year began ❤️

Kindness is something that we spoke about a lot in the past year – and along with kindness comes forgiveness . I choose to write on forgiveness as it is an inherent aspect of healing and wellness .I am still learning about this principle – and as I begin to see the light of this incredible virtue I thought it would be apt to share this light abd learning with you all ☀️

❤️Over cups of tea with my adult sons – my whanau here in Aotearoa 🍀

All of us at some point would have experienced varying levels of betrayals – and what really helps to move past the blows that some of our fellow humans throw at us – is choosing to forgive.

St .Francis of Assisi -“ it is in pardoning that we are pardoned …..🍀

An amazing book that I read by T.D.Jakes speaks beautifully on forgiveness .and writes “forgiveness is a gift to yourself.”

Picture called Grace

Here are 5 key points

Forgiveness is a choice that we can make to help with our own healing 🍀

Forgiveness liberates us from feeling burdened – we don’t have to remain a hostage of the past 🛶

When we make that choice we create a journey that is free of bitterness and resentment 😊

Forgiveness is about removing negative perceptions of the past and connecting to everyone with kindness 🍀

Forgiveness is a virtue that connects with the present and allows for kindness peace and love. ❤️


“ if you want to see the brave , look to those who can forgive.”- The Gita

So here’s to a very affirming beginning for us all ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️❤️

With much aroha ❤️

Pohutukawa time again ☀️