Language and wellness

Greetings – It is blistering cold and windy in the Southern Hemisphere. Today my dear readers I am sharing my perspectives on language. I speak fluent Tamil – read and write the language and love using my language with my friends and family . I delight just as much in using the English language – love the flow of words that have rhythm and ring to it …. and am grateful that I come from a lineage fluent in both languages .

Language we all know serves the purpose of communication .

Language helps us to create and make meaning -of the myriads of experiences that life offers.

Language is a powerful tool that we use to describe our social experiences and emotional experiences .

Teaching ourselves to choose to use affirming words is a way of inducing positivity , welcoming connectedness and boosting our wellness quotient

Enriching our vocabulary is a way of widening our perspectives too. Those of us who are fluent in our first language also have the gift of living within the concept of a richer paradigm of beliefs

Living in Aotearoa , i have the privilege of experiencing the Treaty in practice – I am learning to use Te Reo ( Maori language ) in my everyday life . I enjoy the concept of connectedness that is celebrated in Te Reo- and the gentle kindness and mutual respect that is an inherent aspect of our indigenous culture.


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