Healing through grief…

Grief knocks at our doorsteps … at any given time – and the commonality with grief is that – it comes with pain…what we call trauma. There is so much truth in the fact that trauma cannot be compared – regardless of whether you were or are caught in the context of an intense loss, loss of kin or loss of all your wealth or something less intense like not being able to see your loved ones or losing your job or your pets

This morning I met two fellow humans and in the course of our conversation, I learnt that they had recently lost their pets through a bizarre accident that happened within their own home setting. What I saw and heard was a sense of deep regret and loss together with an element of guilt. I also felt heartened that they were supported by their loved ones in coming to terms with their loss ….There was also this acceptance of the grief- the sadness and the helplessness that came with it….

Acceptance: The intention of today`s post is my dear readers to speak of grief ….. and also advocate for the unconditional acceptance of grief – and the profound sadness that comes with it ; for acceptance allows for ownership – and ownership means responsibility ….

Responsibility in finding ways to still stay connected to ourselves – to those around us – and to engage in little or big tasks that make meaning to us once again. All of us have had some form of grief ….what I also learnt from grief is – it takes incredible amount of patience …. there is no quick fix to know when the pain leaves…

Connecting to ourselves through prayer

Reflection or any meditative practice

Having a select few as our trusted friends or family ( we each make our own tribe)

Connecting to others through some form of service ,

Offering to help

Remembering to be extra kind and gentle to ourselves

Spending time with nature , books , music and excercise and

Making every day count by feeling grateful are all incredible avenues that allow for healing peace and resilience

Life must be measured by thought and action and not by time Sir John Lubbock


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