Being joyous playful & wondrous …

To my dear readers , the intention of today’s post is to advocate the benefits of using a light and loving playful approach – in a good portion of all that we do .

☀️The funniest of cakes that flew …. to Chch ✈️

Life brings us situations – sometimes joyous – or not so joyous and sometimes we are faced with moments that can torment us and bring a sense of unease . No matter what the context is when we look at situations lightly , we are more likely to use a gentle and kinder approach – this brings a lot of goodness and calm to our own sense of peace ; it adds more value in the way we connect and form relationships ; playful and joyous are qualities that enriches our lives at a personal social and emotional level .

Kind and gentle – literal & figurative 🌟

Daniel Goleman – “when we focus on others our world expands.” 🌟🍀🎸☀️🎹🌟

When we use a playful and kind approach , we are more likely to draw others toward us – we are also more likely to appear personable – kind and gentle. Using a playful approach therefore is a clever tool towards

1. Creating an inner world that feels safe –

2. Facilitating for co constructive interactions

3. Paving the way towards outcomes that are constructive .

The aforesaid approach comes handy when we have difficult conversations – within our family or with those outside of the family .This manner of engaging in a kind gentle non judgemental approach applies to both children and adults

Playful Leprechaun ❤️

Being mum to two adult sons I have learnt that conversations can be both extremely rewarding and twice as challenging too . Using the playful approach has definitely given me many a win- win moment …. within my personal and professional world.

I have found readings on Dan Hughes”s extensive work on using the PACE approach (Playfulness- Acceptance – Curiosity – Empathy very beneficial in the work that I do …. Using PACE teaches children to relax – engage and enables adults insights to the strengths that lie beneath all that seems and is challenging .

Making music 🎶🎼🎵🎸🥁🎹

Hope you find use in some of today’s insights … have a light and easy week….

“ Be kind whenever possible it is always possible”- Dalai Lama


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