August Wellness

Greetings to you all – I love the month of August as it kind of paves the way for the beginning of Spring in the Southern Hemisphere. I also love the meaning of the word August – which is – respected and impressive and then there`s a subtle ring to it toooo.

So today my fellow readers,I intend to write about the values that come with the concept of mindfulness .As humans vulnerability touches all of us….. we all go through times that are challenging. The values of mindfulness feels like an anchor and keeps us connected to ourselves and takes us through the varying passages of time.

What are the Values- Acceptance , Letting it be / go – leave judgement out of it , Not striving to fix it ,Patience, Trust, Generosity of spirit and Gratitude

How do we put this into practice -lets think of a problem –

Example – I am about to have a meeting or discussion ( it can be with whanau or work related ) that has potential to be tricky – I am worried -or scenario 2- I have a medical appointment – that is likely to be tricky ……or scenario 3- I am in the process of negotiating with someone …… ( that is likely to go any whichway)

Some Wise Options of Practising Values of Mindfulness

Acceptance : Accept the context -the situation -engage in the process

My pic called Grace

Letting it be / go: With conscious acceptance , we begin to let things be / go without the need to be defensive

Flowers in bloom – letting it be resonates so with nature….

Not striving : This is a value that allows us to relax rather than engaging in the need to re- negotiate or be desperate

Wisdom happens in moments of stillness

Patience : Allow things to unfold – its about being relaxed , being observant and being gentle about everything about the situation / context

Lessons in Patience

Trust: Believe that with the right mindset -( fueled by purpose and intention) everything will eventuate towards the best outcome – BELIEVE 🙂

Trust in steadfast goodness for now and forever

Generosity : Practice generosity of spirit in all possible ways when walking through tough times- reminding ourselves to be kind to ourselves and to those around – and showing that kindness through gentle thoughts , warm feelings, and using kind words and actions –

Snapshot of Compassion

Gratitude: Find a positive thought – even in a challenging context – and put that into words – and use it and see how the magic unfolds

Huge shout out to Jon Kabat Zinn-founder of the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Programme

Hope this reading has been useful and that it brings more positivity in each of your kind thoughts feelings and actions. Have a wonderful week …. will connect again hopefully soon 😊 ❤️


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