Winter Wellness- wholistic

Greetings to you all ….. my dear readers,

I have been meaning to check in with you all much earlier , however – work and general pace of my life in the recent few weeks has been full on …. until I decided to make use of my time – here and just now to connect with you all.

The intention of today`s blog is to share insights on wholistic wellness . Wholistic wellness is about checking into the way we live our lives. It is about checking in with ourselves and making an analysis of our day to day living . It is about allocating time for personal growth , physical wellness , professional progression ,taking a note of things that matter and light us up – which may of course be different for each of us

Personal Growth can relate to any of the following -Books we read , friends we keep , the goals we make , the milestones we reach- and milestones does not always have to be lofty -it can be something simple – like engaging in an activity that we have not tried before or creating an experience that is kind , gentle and nurturing and being able to hold your peace for a longer time frame each day !!

Professional Progression is about being committed to the work that we do – it is about actively engaging in learning , sharing and caring for how we offer our services to the community. It is also about remembering to smile and being kind – and this can happen when we do what we love and love what we do πŸ™‚

Physical Wellness is about making time for movement and excercise – why??? Just because movement is uplifting for our energy – our emotions and excercise does wonders for the bodies and does oodles of goodness to the way we think, feel and act …… so on that note let`s get moving each day πŸ™‚

Time for the things that brings us more energy – for some of us it could be music , for some it is our canine friends , for some – its time in the mountains and by the sea and for others it is in about being in the midst of like minded people , connecting , giving and engaging in some form of service.

So wholistic wellness is about being committed to crafting an individual framework – each of us can aspire to be the better version of ourselves each day – paving the way for individual wellness and thereafter collective wellness

Much love


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