Wellness today…. our thoughts, feelings and actions…

Kia Ora dear all ,

In the work that I do everyday, I work with a number of adults and children who are caught in the grips of sadness , anger or fear and who struggle in making safe choices that bring out the best for themselves .

The intention for today`s writing is to highlight “the inherent connect” between what we think -what we feel and what we do…..

The thoughts we choose to filter into our headspace – influences our feelings and then our actions…..There are times when everything happens to be in zen mode …… and we think happy – we feel happy – during those times our actions always demonstrate our inner state of mind.

However there are lots of other moments when we are quick to feel unhappy – the triggers for those feelings could range from myriad reasons- someone not letting us pass on the road , -a message that has upset us – or not being able to pay the bills or someone being unwell or not being able to buy what we want or perhaps need. So what happens when we feel sad. angry or fearful;-we lose our capacity to think and to rationalise – and then sadly that impacts on our actions …..

So what can we do to make the shift towards an improvement in our feelings of sadness, anger or fear ….

We can always change the thought – by asking ourselves -what about this is making me sad or angry or fearful

What can I do about this ???

What is the purpose here for these feelings and what can I do about this?

When feeling displaced…. Name your feeling – sad or angry or fearful or any other feeling that relates to these tricky feelings-

Take ownership of that feeling

Make a plan to bring yourself to a better place

Write it down – have a focused intention on what you are going to do – how and why

I have always been in situations that get me easily feeling displaced- and when I begin to make a plan – I notice a shift in the quality of my feelings . Instead of being caught in a tricky feeling I find myself being engaged in thinking constructively and my actions resonate with all that is light – positive and happy . Yayyyy what a relief …… !!!

Lets start with replacing a low mood thought with a light hearted one – do it with intention .

“Things change when you change the way you look at things”….. Dyer

This comes with practice – yet it can be mastered over time and can be done in various ways . Here are some strategies for replacing sad or angry or fearful thoughts …- with light – safe and happy thoughts

Think of something that lights you up

Choose your words carefully when you are feeling displaced – harsh words make us feel more angry and disconnected so replace a harsh word with a gentler or kind one – this is tricky – but it can be achieved with perseverance

Focus on writing a thank you note to someone – a friend or a family member

Watch a movie that makes you laugh or makes you feel safe

Take yourself for a walk- move – movement brings flow and balance to our thinking – movement is healthy for our body and also for our brain – which means we gain more focus and we can become more productive

Sit down and allocate time for breathwork – 10 min of breathwork each day makes our brain incredibly healthy and tunes us to becoming adaptable better version of ourselves

Read for 10 minutes atleast each day – read aloud if that helps – but please do read

As you think so you become …….Wayne Dyer again 🙂

Finishing todays post with inspiration from Don Miguel Ruiz`s The Four Agreements:

1.Be impeccable with your word

2. Don`t take anything personally

3. Don`t make assumptions

4. Always do your best

With much love and wishes for a safe week,


P.S I will illustrate the connect between- thoughts – feelings and actions – in a later blog


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