Wellness and pain…

Greetings to you all

Hope you are taking note of the colours of autumn- this is for those living in the Southern Hemisphere…. for those in the Northern Hemisphere – sending you my kind thoughts for a safe summer .

A catch up …… So let’s talk about pain ….

The intention for today`s writing is elaborating on pain – both emotional and physical pain. Knowing about pain – a little insight into the science of pain….. the pathways of pain keeps us better equipped with the challenges and barriers that present with pain.

A pic called Faith πŸ€

Here are some key points:

The person experiencing pain – be it physical or emotional is the best judge of the extent of the pain .

The impact of the pain -depends on each person`s threshold to withstand pain. What might not seem challenging for some may be the "last straw on the camel`s back for others.”

Validation – being seen and heard …. key to wellbeing

Validating the individual`s experience of pain – is key to wellness – Endurance to pain comes whenever challenging experiences are validated

What happens when we feel pain – the neurons carry messages to the brain and the brain in response recognises the message – and then sends it back to where the pain was felt first….

Acceptance of the pain increases our resilience against feeling the intensity of the pain. Research suggests that acceptance allows us to engage through the challenge with better composure.

Too different 🦊😎

Acceptance allows for state of calm/ composure ; Composure sets the way for readiness to self- manage …. with improved receptivity to build on skills that help with management of pain

Emotional wellness

Here are some ways that might help with pain

  • Make time to practise timed breathing every day
  • Find time to enjoy nature
  • Read literature on pain – knowledge informs
  • Have intention for each of the tasks that you engage with each day
  • Intention can be transformative – when we engage in each task with intention – we develop a sense of connectedness to who we are – what we do -and what really matters…challenges then become easier … barriers seem less daunting
  • Take mini breaks to do things that make you smile
  • Make time to move ( those with emotional pain) – and for those with physical pain-move in consultation with specialists who help with your localised pain πŸ™‚
  • Write / share your experience on pain – feel empowered – support those experiencing varying levels of pain
  • Practice compassion towards yourself and others
  • Be in the midst of experiences and people who bring kindness , joy and warmth….

Kindness Joy and Warmth 🌟


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