Wellness ….that comes from being mindful :)

Kia Ora to you all from the land of long white cloud , hope the week and the month of March has started well. In today`s blog I wish to elaborate on the benefits of being mindful. Mindfulness is an inherent wisdom that has always been here – however we as humans have to shout a huge thank you to Jon Kabat- Zinn founder – Stress Reduction Clinic and the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine. His ardent work in this field affirms the physiological and psychological benefits of mindfulness.

Beginnings….. ❀️

There is a story behind my rationale for having chosen this topic. I was participant to a dialogue and very soon it became obvious that this was no dialogue – it involved one person talking in a loud and impassioned voice…. What helped me here – was stepping back.

Let’s make music Picasso way 😎

We have all at some point in our lives experienced contexts that are incredibly challenging. Being mindful helps us to 1. Take a step back – -……… and when we do take a step back

Card from cafe KIND❀️

2. We also create a space that feels safe .

In that safe space we create an opportunity for ourselves to connect within- to the present moment and focus

To gain insight and develop an awareness -of what really matters…

Most beautiful Giraffe 🌟

So this practice of mindfulness cannot just happen overnight – we need to make the time to excercise our brains or our minds in learning to be still .

What are ways that we can inculcate the habit of mindfulness

To cherish 🌟
  • Practice Breathing – Take the time to be still and watch / hear your breath
  • Taking notice of your breath – practising breathing – is about informing ourselves that everything is ok
  • We can practise breathing – when we sit , when we take a walk –
  • So, let`s just focus on our breaths and take in more of the good 😊
Path made clear ❀️

What are some of the other benefits of practising mindfulness- this is an excercise that

  • Improves focus
  • Nourishes the brain ( Refer to my earlier writing on brain and wellness πŸ™‚
  • Improves our ability to learn
  • Reduces stress
  • Helps us to take better care of ourselves
  • Reduces some of the risks that comes from being impulsive
  • Makes us more thoughtful
  • Makes us kind and wise
  • Adds purpose and intent to our lives
  • Allows us to think before we speak
  • Increase the feeling of physical and emotional wellness
Everyday skills 😊

So do make the time today to take a break – tune in ….. and make mindfulness an everyday practice .. and enjoy all of the nourishing and the wisdom that comes with it …..

Mindful crafting πŸ˜‰

” Mindfulness is about love and loving life – when you cultivate this love , it gives you clarity and compassion for life , and your actions happen in accordance with that.”- Jon Kabat- Zinn


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