Wellness – using skills to self manage :)

Greetings to you all on one of the finest of Saturdays in the month of March…..

“The best way to cheer yourself is to cheer someone else up”- Mark Twain

The sun was at it`s brightest in the city of sails- we had blue skies , cool air and a lot of warmth – hope the day for each of you is going well ….. hmmm it is all very well when things flow and we feel the zennnn in all that we do !!

However there are times and days when everything feels off- beat and we feel a sense of restlessness and unease – which permeates into our being and sadly impacts on each of our outcomes – immediate and long term ones.

So the intention of today`s writing is

A. To share some truths about using brain science -sharing some home truths of how our brain is structured – knowing these truths can help make a difference of how we think, feel and do life mindfully

  • The brain is like a four layered tool box
  • Each layer has a function or a role
  • The bottom part of the brain is known as the brain stem
  • The brainstem feels unsettled when we feel sadness, fear or anger
  • The top part of the brain is known as the cortical region – looks after our learning and thinking
  • When our brainstem feels unsettled – we cannot think well, feel well or do well

B. To reiterate the power of affirmations – the power they have in making us think better , feel better and do better:)

So here the the 5 aspects of why affirmations work….

  • The primary need of the brain stem is to feel safe – brain stem is known as the primitive brain
  • When we use affirmations , we fulfill the brain stem`s need to feel safe
  • When we feel calm and safe , the brain stem is in a happy calm regulated state
  • When the brain stem is happy, calm and and regulated – the brain stem releases the “feel good hormones”
  • When the “feel good hormones” are released we can focus – and function effectively – feel better, think better and do better!!

“Nothing can bring peace but yourself” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

With much aroha from beautiful NZ


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