Wellness – is choosing a script that works for you🌟

A very good afternoon to you all …. the topic for today`s writing inspired from a book called “Aroha” that I am currently reading . The book is written by Dr. Hinemoa Elder an eminent psychiatrist and an advocate for mental wellness from beautiful Aotearoa. The author talks at length about the ancient wisdom that remains an inherent aspect of Maoridom – in choosing a whakatauki – a Maori proverb that works for each of us…..🌟

Love for green 🍀

This is mine : A whakatauki that I use in both my personal and professional realm-“aha koa iti he pounamu “- which translates as although you are small , you special like a green stone- which refers to acknowledging each of the strengths and oddities that makes us who we are….❤️

A card from KIND cafe🌟

The book Aroha resonates with my earlier writings on how words and language are powerful tools in the way we inform and educate ourselves on the ethos of how we aspire to live …..it takes into account the choices we make and the responses we choose at various circumstances of our lives.

Thiruvalluvar 🌟

Thiruvalluvar of Tamil literature wrote Thirukurall – each very short and succinct verse that emanates the wisdom that comes with defining values with affirming words ; words that have the power to create positive thoughts , feelings and actions…. words that set the trajectory of our lives. 🌟🍀

The year has started well and yet I feel an element of grim sadness as I write knowing my mother is having a particularly difficult time with her health. The sadness comes from not being able to be there with my family in India and learning to accept the looming uncertainty that comes with the current times. I take some comfort in knowing that my mother is supported in best of comfort, that she is with family and is able to have access to specialist medical care that will hopefully bring her reprieve that she so richly deserves.

🌟For better health and wellness ❤️

I have a choice to either hold on to the gripping sadness or make a sincere effort to stay positive. I am choosing to stay connected with my family and friends both sides of the globe .

I also make a conscious note that I am in a country that is now my home-and continue to thrive in the comfort of interactions with my adult sons and extended whanau . I am exceptionally grateful for the “connect” I have with friends some of who also feel like family here. I am incredibly grateful that this book called Aroha was lent to me with spontaneity by a dear colleague 📚

🙏Space that emanates peace ☀️

The intention of highlighting some of the words in the above paragraph is to reiterate the power of affirmation that comes with using words/ vocabulary that resonates with comfort , kindness and love.

Using such words helps to create a belief system that is founded on positive thoughts .

Reinforcing positive thoughts facilitates a pathway towards making a conscious choice of choosing a response that is positive – light and affirming.

I set about in the beginning of 2020 and made a few lines that I call my personalised script …For those of you reading this blog , I make a request to have a play with words and make a personalised script that sets the pace and tone for this year….light filled – fun – and affirming

❤️Sharing here – My personalised script 😊

“That best portion of a good man`s life , His little, nameless, unremembered acts ,Of kindness and love” William Wordsworth

With much love ,


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