Connecting to what matters…

Kia Ora dear readers – greetings to you all from the Southern Hemisphere

Delightful Imagery

Throughout this week – we have had visitations from the rainman – a welcome reprieve for the water scarcity we face in Auckland 🙂

Today I connect with you with the intention of affirming the need to make time for what is important to each of our short and long term goals .

Walk through the greens ❤️

I often speak of connectedness to oneself -which means taking a tab of our strengths , weaknesses and what we aspire for – personally and professionally.
Here are some of the ways that I connect to myself
Personally– Excercise , reading and art is essential to keep me ticking in the zen mode – I also have realised that making time to talk to my friends and family each day adds to my wellness quotient- so on that note a friendly cue – keep connected with things that bring you joy, a sense of peace and contentment….

Hand crafted for my oldest ☀️❤️

Professionally – I am blessed in doing exactly what I wanted to do – this came with a price of having to be disciplined in the way I manage my time .
I continue to walk my way through my chosen pathway in the way of connecting to each individual whom I interact -realising my role as a change agent -and in bringing each individual to a better place from where they started.

Wellness in Mindful living 🍀

Sometimes it seems there is no end point – but what matters is doing what is right for that moment and taking faith that each of our steps is guided by integration of the following 3 aspects

  • 1. Sound Beliefs : Being connected to your/our values and practising what is important to you personally – allows you to be led by a belief system that keeps you safe and well
  • 2. Knowledge that is evidence based : Read , read and read – Keeping up with the science of whats happening around the world – in the pathway you/ we have chosen keeps us well informed in the way we work
  • 3. Applicaton of skills: Having the passion to apply your skills – with intention is an indicator of motivation, growth , and resilience
Celebrating wonderment ❤️

Integration of these three aspects – influences change and leads us towards effective intentional outcomes – and allows us to live a purpose driven life in the now and for long term – the lenght of time to come……

❤️Art – Faith 🍀- Beliefs 🌟

So on that note – I bring today`s script to a close with a few lines from the Upanishads
Let a man strive to purify his thoughts …. Man becomes that of which he thinks” ….


A moment in time ☀️

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