Brainworks -movement and breath- steps towards everyday wellness

Movement and breath- steps towards everyday wellness

Dear readers ,

One of the lessons I have found immensely valuable in my personal and professional realm is the insights I have gained in learning about the fascinating architecture of our brainworks. It is positive that today -there is a niche that we have created for study of brain and its~relevance to emptional literacy and wellbeing.

It is even more positive that we are beginning to look at emotional literacy as fundamental to growing good kind children – our citizens of the morrow.

So the intention of today`s post is to share 3 key facts on the brain…

  1. The brain develops in a sequential fashion  sequential developmental and sensitivity from the brainstem to the cortex ; the stem of the brain is the first to pick up any duress in out lives. Stress travels upwards from the stem towards the cortical region ( where thinking and learning happen)
  2. Those of us who are able to cope in times of stress – we have the know-how to calm the brainstem – which allows us to think and reason better. Those of us who crumble during times of stress – we tend to feel severely displaced – the stress response generating from the stem -leads us towards feeling overwhelmed and/ displaced – so logic goes out the window- when the stress takes over and moves towards our cortical and thinking regions of the brain.
  3. Ways to improve our capabilities in dealing with stress: Research indicates that taking time to reflect helps in improving our stress response . Keeping aside time to move , making mindful breathing an inherent part of what we do and taking the time to stretch our limbs builds our capabilities in dealing with challenging events.

More on brainfacts on a later blog…..wishing you all a gentle and upbeat week,

Much love from reach4art 🙂


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