Be kind to yourself everyday

My dear readers,
The advent of spring and better weather took me to the South Island …. where I saw flowers in bloom, trees more green and a sparkle in the blue that lit the morning sky . Travel felt new and what brought warmth to my heart was the connection with my cherished friends and the visits with my oldest.

Being with kind people and practising kindness brings in new purpose and also adds an extra dollop of wellness into our everyday living

The intention of connecting with you today is therefore to affirm the goodness that comes with positive experiences . Today I had the opportunity to hear Dr.Bruce Perry speak on the healing that comes from repetitive nurturing experiences. Details perhaps on a later blog

Plethora of colours
Paper-mâché tulips ❤️

So for now make sure you intentionally indulge in experiences that brings a smile and more kindness to your being. ….

Ma te wa for now


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