A little today -about a book written by Dan Millman

Hi my dear readers , books are great teachers too … and this book called “The four purposes of Life” had a powerful influence on me ….

Learning life’s lessons as titled – first purpose of our life the author says is to regard the Planet Earth as a school – our experiences each day he says is comparable to what happens in a classroom…varied rich and always on the move .

What adds to our learning , growth and perspectives is the lessons we learn each day in the areas of relationships ,work, finance and health. Self worth , self discipline , Well being , are all inherent part of Earth’s gift to Humanity.

The value of our life experiences is about the lessons learnt / from each of our experiences … the author calls it Humanity curriculum

The lesson I take from here is that my most challenging times have lead me to become more astute in identifying the pathway that is best suited for me – with regards to my values , capabilities and my frailties

We learn and grow from challenges and every adversity has a hidden gift .”- Dan Millman


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