Checking in – on a busy day

Today my dear readers has been incredibly busy – Demands on my time has been persistent . Today’s writing is about sharing what I do for checking in -when I find myself zooming through the day !!!

Here is a list of things I do to keep my pace on check :

Make time just to focus on my breath – even if it is 5 min – this gives awareness and reminds me to slow down – cues me to take responsibility on how I manage myself

Write a note to myself on what has already been achieved in a day – this helps to acknowledge my sense of self and practise compassion on the my self

Make an intentional pause to give a kind word or share a treat with a colleague or a friend – this energises me and fills me up

Remember to smile and connect with my pets or briefly with my favourite humans – my adult sons or friends close to my heart – whoever is available

Connecting to you all my dear readers gives me an additional sense of purpose and gratitude ….how do you check in and take a quick audit on your wellness… love to know

Finishing with 3 of my favourite Dalai Lama’s sayings –

1. Respect for self – Respect for others – Responsibility to one’s actions

2.When you want to show kindness to others show compassion

3.When you want others to show kindness to you show compassion.


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