Collective wellness … let’s contribute

Today’s world is full on with the challenges we face in dealing with COVID; simultaneously we are now also dealing with so much of divide between communities . All of this has an impact on individual wellness – on how each of us feel given the current context .

To be mindful that this big world of ours is small – and that each of us still remain connected through our experiences , and perspectives is one avenue to bridge the divide .

Another constructive experience that I intend to share here is the story behind one of my dear friends turning 60. I decided that my gift to remember my friend’s 60 th was to cook and donate 60 packs of food to one of our food banks . This marathon of an excercise resulted in me feeling totally zonked but very happy and energised.

I decided that I will include making food for our local food bank as a weekly happening at my home. So what was meant to be a one off event is now a weekly occurrence . I make anywhere between 5 upto 12 packs or 18 packs . It gives me great joy that I am now able to serve and give back a teeny weeny portion to the community . I find this rewarding and intriguing as I don’t know who is going to be eating my yumm rice dish with lentils and vegetables; neither do they know that it is coming from my home . But I know that this connects me to my community and connects the community to me. I am thankful for the values I have been imbibed with , that teaches me to keep serving – and aspire for this to be the culture of my home for my kind adult children and one day -their children’s children … One of the best lessons come to life when – “children do as they see”

Using this forum to communicate and share what I have found useful – has been a gratifying experience – Thank you all dear readers for keeping me at it 😉❤️


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