Learning to self -manage ….

To my dear readers , some of my main readings about knowing the brain has helped me immensely in learning to be connected to myself – this has had such a positive impact on my own wellness .

What we think , what we feel and what we do is a very integrated process . Our brain is structured in a way that if have a happy thought changes happen internally in our feelings and manifest externally in our actions .

Reading Dan Hughes . Dr.Bessel Van Der Kolk has helped me immensely . I am attaching one of my favourite clips by Dan Seigel’s

This is the intention of my rationale for advocating connectedness to our own selves . Being connected to ourselves means we acknowledge our positives and accept all of our weaknesses and our strengths. This allows us to also make social choices that are important to us . We learn to gravitate towards people and experiences that bring out the best in us.

So being connected to our selves and knowing ourselves really well is the first step towards being socially astute and emotionally intelligent.

So what are things that excite you -make you happy –

what unsettles you ??

-Talking to a trusted friend helps

Make a plan that is comforting

Choose a positive thought – a happy thought leads to a happy feeling which leads to a kind and happy action

My example : I find driving on new roads very unsettling – I either make a plan to be supported in the task – like being open and asking for help or find an alternative pathway … it always helps –

So let’s get that one step closer to a positive mindset -we always have the power to choose the way we think …

“Your beliefs become your thoughts your thoughts become words- your words become actions- your actions become habits , your habits become your values , your values become your destiny.” – Mahatma Gandhi


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