Some more on Dan Millman’s book…

Hello dear people – the evening rain has been persistent – so as my “growing list of things to do”and grateful for this time to pause connect and reflect on this very wise book

The key messages of this book is as follows 1.Life is about learning and planet Earth is our school – when things go wrong taking time to reflect on “ what did that experience teach me / us – guides us towards identifying what we really want or don’t want . Sometimes knowing what you really don’t want is a fantastic teaching moment. 😃🌟

2.Find a career that gives you purpose and much much joy- let’s have a look at people who are happy and who succeed immensely – most of the time they are doing something they really love – so the challenges don’t bite so hard . My role at work sometimes involves difficult conversations and lengthy lengthy reports — I believe what I do for work is exactly what I intended to do my perfect avenue – 🍀

I am blessed in the support from my dear family, -my sons – their dad – fellow humans I cherish -in getting me to where I am today ❤️

3. Give yourself to something higher – find a way to serve – yes – let’s go by live – love and serve – the sailing becomes easier that way 🛶🍀

4. Engage in every moment – be mindful – make sure to connect to yourself – the flowers – the blades of grass and the glimmering stars in the sky – so in being mindful we add on to our intuitive wisdom 🌺🌟😉🌟🌟


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