Self talk , goal setting and visualisation – what does this do for our wellness

Here’s a picture of my favourite saint

Following on from yesterday’s blog , today’s writing is about reinforcing the power of self talk , visualisation and setting goals .

We use the top most part of our brain cortical region of the brain – to engage in self talk or visualisation or goal setting . The cortical region is where learning and thinking happens.

Another word for learning and thinking skills is cognitive skills. So when we are able to engage is self talk , visualisation and set goals we exercise the topmost or cognitive part of our brain. Using the cognitive part of our brain to manage our emotions is also known as “top down strategies.” This can be an effective way of managing ourselves – when we are able to keep our cool

Hopefully I will endeavour to put yesterday’s writing and today’s into a light illustration.

Studies in science say that goal setting or visualisation or self talk are good ways of learning to manage ourselves when we feel challenged or when we wish to achieve a target goal.

Self talk can be powerful in influencing and calming our emotions. Visualisation and goal setting also works well as it gives us an element of focus . It empowers us to stay positive .

Some ways that I use my top down cognitive skills are I write simple clear scripts to myself – either through a picture or words …

Even surrounding ourselves with empowering words can add to our treasury of wellness . However my dear readers it is very very important to keep calm and believe in the power of the wellness words we use and surround ourselves

I am finishing today’s writing with Emerson’s words on selflessness – Happiness is a perfume you cannot pour on others without getting some on yourself.”


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