Keeping the balance

Today I am writing on what we already know – and am including my own perspectives – the changes that I have made and will continue to do so ….. as I grow well into my years …

Wellness is about keeping the balance through diet , excercise and staying mentally active .

Diet : Eating a wholistic diet with proteins – minerals – healthy fats play a significant role in our physical health . In recent times I have opted to go vegetarian and I must say that it feels like quite an achievement for me . I am enjoying this and I intend to stay this way …. I would like to eat less sugar and hopefully I would achieve what seems to be a simple goal- but poses quite a challenge to me.

Having grown up with very good food and fantastic tastes … I am very thankful and appreciative of good soulful food – that adds to my wellness . I recommend you to pay attention and relish the food nourishes you.

Excercise : This is a powerful tool to improve our mental health and physical health. Yoga is an inherent part of my day – I put aside twenty minutes to breathe , to be grateful and to put some thought on the day ahead of me . Besides this I attempt to hit 10000 steps each day and I walk my faithful dog my gentle Fern every single day

Staying mentally active : I am thankful for the work I do that keeps me switched on. I’m recent times I am also learning to play the piano – this is happening at a snail’s pace …😉keeping up with my reading – working on my blog and thinking of my art projects all keep me going .

This moment I feel grateful that I am able to share this with you …. I would like you to add a new dimension to your diet , excercise and mental mind based activities

Diet : how do you keep the balance – what is one new food you are trying or one ingredient you wish to quit ….

Excercise: How many steps do you do in a day ?? How much of time do you set aside for excercise

Being switched on : Working on a new recipe , learning the lyrics of a song and working out the dress code for your next event is all part of the switched on fun ….

Let’s join together to imbibe nurturing wellness through nourishing food , through energising movement and purposeful action day after day after day

Every man is the builder of a temple called his body…we are all sculptors and painters and our material is our own flesh and blood and bones. Any nobleness begins at once to refine a man’s features , any meanness – to imbrute them – – Henry David Thoreau


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