On Activities that help with brain health …let’s call this “bottom-up”

Walking , timed breathing , swimming , cross training, horse riding , singing add immense value to brain health and wellness

The books that I have found useful, share information based on evidence based studies . In sharing this I aspire for you to take up an activity that adds to brain health and increases your everyday wellness

A lesson in patience

The brain is hierarchical – things happen in order – in steps -starting from the bottom the stem of the brain -that looks after our instructive responses – refer my blog on brain and wellness 🌟

Then to the area that looks after our movement

Then to the part of the brain that looks after our feelings and

Then the top most layer that looks after our thinking and our learning.

So when we excercise and engage in breathing swimming or meditative practice – we regulate the stem of our brain . This regulation has a positive impact on the movement area , the feelings area ( limbic region ) and our learning area ( cortical region) . The regulation begins from the bottom most area and travels upwards – so the movement or regulation is ‘bottom up’ .

Using the power of the breath and engaging in mindful activities are referred to as “bottom up strategies” – so let’s breathe and excercise and move and sing a toast to our everyday wellness quotient

I will illustrate this on a later day 🌟


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