Gratitude and wellness

Kia ora readers ….. this is a travel story that am sharing ….. I started on this trip thinking that I was going to spend time with my oldest….. however the Camino beckoned my son and I realised just a few days before my travel that it is going to be a solo trip….. hmmmm that made me apprehensive at first.

Power of self talk and planning :

But I had already made a promise to myself that if I planned and organised my days-into interesting and engaging time slots …. I would be fine…. and I was right. So on my first week in London I found myself having an amazing time. People were friendly kind and gentle to me – every single person I met…

On friendships that matter: In my second week I had my friend who flew out from France just to spend time with me for a whole week . We had engaging conversations , picturesque walks, nourishing food and an amazing week while she gave so generously of her time and showed me around the trendy city of Berlin. I also had another of my German friend whom flew from her home town to spend an evening and a whole day with me . I am so grateful for these connections and I believe that friendships without any agenda bring a wealth of happiness to us all.

Here below is my writing – that I penned on my return from that amazing trip .

A thousand years of architectural brilliance….. history, culture and much much more…

The intent of my visit to London was about spending some precious moments with my oldest …. however lure of travels and norms of bureaucracy meant it was time with friends for now …. “things change when you change the way you look at thing.”The world is truly your oyster wheh you appreciate of what’s around , and in the myriads of little connections you make as you move through ….,

Loved fabric of life in London with choice highlight of visiting my dear nephew @Oxford. And then the sights and sounds of Berlin with friends close to heart …

the value of time in the making of one’s own sense of connectedness …. what we sometimes refer to as “making memories….”😉


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