Home truths that helped me in my wellness journey

Understanding the science of how the brain works played an important role in my wellness journey.  Below are some scientific facts  of how our brain responds to stress ; understanding this has helped me become more mindful in the way I choose to respond  to situations that sometimes challenge me..

# Anxiety and fear and anger are universal human emotions- these are instinctive responses. Anxiety is about feeling unsure and fear is about the unknown and anger feels like being frustrated and caught within a no-exit web – All of our emotional experiences are embedded in the stem of the brain or the amygdala

#  Memories are stored as emotional responses and not as images or words…All of the emotional experiences  are embedded in the amygdala or brain stem turns into memories) – Memories very often drive our behaviour.  So the lesson for us is to hold on to your happy memories …. and learning to let go of the not so happy memories

# Our brain stem is triggered by memories – the stem of the brain drives our behaviour. When the stem is in control of our brainworks – we tend to see an unsafe model of the world and we engage in unsafe behaviours. When we feel threatened ( fear) or anxious ( not sure) or angry – we have to re-teach the amygdala / the brainstem, – that it is ok and that it is safe –

# We can calm the brainstem by using comforting words, affirming images and creating positive nurturing experiences.

We will have to repeat, repeat and repeat the new nurturing experiences that calms us –we have to repeat until the new nurturing experiences becomes our new memory. I find that when our actions are motivated by nurturing experiences – we blossom into a better version of ourselves …

Visuals that delight me 🌟

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