Words and wellness

My dear readers …. the intention behind this writing is to advocate the use of words that give you a sense of calm and bring another layer of connectedness in all that you do .

Comforting words: What are your safe words …. I like “kind”, “caring” “cherish” “safe” and I also like using “love” in my vocabulary – you may choose some affirming words that make your spirits rise up…

Think of the words that you use a lot when speaking …..say them often and enjoy the thought and feeling that comes from the words. Finding a special word and living the meaning that emanates from our special words…add wellness to your everyday living …

Very often I go by these three words “live …. love …. and serve” I enjoy the special meaning in all of the three words and I feel motivated to be and do just a little better each day …

Finishing my writing today with the words spoken by my great grand dad in one of his many speeches …”The noblest way of serving God is by service to men.”


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