Emotional literacy

Emotional litesracy is about being able to identify your emotions and speak your thoughts accordingly . When we identify our doc emotions – we are able to give words to our feelings . This gives us a level of control as to how to manage our feelings

When we have control of our feelings – we are able to manage ourselves better .

So what are ways to develop emotional literacy

1. Learn to identify feelings

2. Name them – the tricky ones are feeling scared , feeling angry and feeling sad

3. Once you have identified your feelings and named them – choose one or two steps of action to deal with each of the tricky feelings

4. For example when we feel sad or angry – talking to a friend or doing some physical activity or excercise helps – it is a positive way to express your sadness or anger

5.When we feel scared – talking to the people who give comfort or being with someone we trust helps

6. Taking some time everyday to breathe , to stretch or to engage in any quiet mindful activity like going for a walk or working on an art project … helps you to become calmer …. and stronger to manage your feelings and therefore your actions

7.So having positive thoughts… making a choice to have positive feelings guides us in making positive choices / actions …As someone wise said As you think so you become ….


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