Pets and wellness ….

The intention of the blog is to write on the nature of dogs – how they help us in our wellness journey .

Dogs : research indicates that having a dog improves wholistic wellness. Dogs enhance spiritual wellness, physical wellness, social wellness and emotional wellness.

Spiritual wellness : Dogs live in the moment – when you are with a dog they engage with you and not worried about what’s coming next …

Physical wellness : Dogs love walks – so they help to keep us fit…

Social wellness : Dogs make great company – and create new socialising opportunities for us…

Emotional wellness : Dogs emanate love in the way they greet you , look at you and speak to you in woofs

Dogs teach us about commitment and consistency – when we own a dog we have to feed them , walk them and care for them when unwell. Taking ownership / and being consistent is also about enhancing your own personal growth and Character

Last week we lost our dog Simba – he had the liveliest warmest and the kindest of spirits. I still feel sad for the loss and the void he has left in my home and heart

I am mindful of the feelings of sadness that comes to me and grips my heart in bouts. I embrace my sadness and I also remind myself of the precious memories and the lessons in love ,togetherness and patience that Simba brought for my whanau / family He lost an eye to glaucoma in 2018 and he still carried on with just as much strength and cheer abd zest for living and loving – so he also taught us resilience

Talking of love …some lines from Elizabeth Barret Browning

“How do I love thee?….let me count the ways I love thee to the depth and breadth and height.-My soul can reach when feeling out of sight -For the ends of being and ideal Grace .”

I am blessed for having experienced that love – thankful for being able to connect to share the story of love and resilience 🍀


One thought on “Pets and wellness ….

  1. Only pets can touch our heart n soul because they give us lots of love without any expectations…. No matter how much you scold them, they remain loyal n loving towards u n get back to u wagging their tail… Lovely companion to have in our life.


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