CHOICE Sharing what I learnt from Dr. Edith Edgar`s Story on Resilience…5 key points :)




Data on the scientific nature of resilience = matches = author`s experience


Author`s first hand experience –working through her challenges – towards healing and resilience is an excellent example of how each of us can make an informed choice in moving towards courage, resilience and wellness…

Adverse experiences can also be teaching experiences: The story captured my interest as it highlights how people can find and make meaning through challenging traumatic experiences –so instead of feeling victimised …..find a pathway of empowerment. Freedom – the joy of living and loving comes only with responsibility .

Find a purpose and connect to it: Trauma is real and each person`s trauma is significant – however each of us can make an informed choice to come out of the suffering. The way to come out of trauma is to commit to a purpose that is outside of us.

Be Kind to yourself: The author speaks of adhering to“ a moral centre”- when we pay attention to kindness, integrity and cooperation …..we shift the focus to the present – what we have –nurture yourself- choose to be your own parent.    

Have Faith: Put away the language of blame – Accept your loss – grieve – but do not get stuck in it….. give yourself plenty of time to invite all of the feelings – go through all of your feelings –but do not get stuck in it see “the light and see the gift in everything – every moment.”

Forgiveness is a gift : Any loss also involves anger -When you own and feel the anger about your loss- we help ourselves to come to terms with it. When we have that awareness then we are also truly preparing ourselves to let go of the pain…. By not allowing the past to rule your life  we give ourselves permission to go ahead and live


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