Making your world bigger On the power of words ….

Books play an amazing transformative role in widening our experiences and our world.

In my work I always share that words are powerful tools in informing us and transforming the experiences that challenge us at times. For example – when anxious , sad or scared  we can always inform ourselves by using  safe and affirming words that bring down our levels of anxiety.

Books are similar in allowing us to look into author`s perspectives on the world, on experiences – that might sometimes be real or unreal. Books widen our understanding of the world – books help us to have insight into information, experiences , and thoughts  – Books therefore are also inspirational in helping us make our own stories.

Books that influenced me : The two books that I read in detail last year are Dr. Edith Eger `s book– The Choice and another book on resilience is Tara Westover`s Educated – it is about looking at challenges and your own perception of life with a new perspective and making an informed choice of moving forward …


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