Movement and wellness

Hi dear all, the intention for this post is

  • To advocate for exercise so you feel motivated to make time to add some form of movement into your routine.
  • To go into some details of why movement /exercise has such a positive impact on wellness.
  • I am sharing here two of my art works … on Yoga and Riding

Movement can be the best form of therapy that is freely available to everyone

Why is movement therapeutic??

The brain: Going back to the structure of the brain (refer blog brain and wellness) imagine the brain as a four layered box; each layer has its own exclusive function…. The bottom part or the lowest part of the brain is the stem….

The stem of the brain is very sensitive to any uncertainties that we face … so when we feel uncertain, unsure or worried or angry the brain becomes dysregulated; we are not able to hold focus, or think with clarity.

The part of the brain just above the stem looks after our movements …So when we feel uncertain, we feel displaced and our movements are not the best – we are either fidgety or restless or displaced –

Fascinating truth: The study of the brain is fascinating because how we think and what we feel is also seen in what we do ….

Exercise/ is energising – has a positive impact on our mind – thoughts , feelings and actions

Any rhythmic movement has a calming effect on the brain stem and helps with self-regulation- helps to manage our emotions.

Movement oriented activities are rhythmic, repetitive – allows amazing scope for social connect and mindful wellness.

Collective wellness: Think of the times you have joined a good game of something and have come out feeling tired but happy refreshed and calm. There is a collective happiness that comes from shared sport or walk or movement   –this is very beneficial to individual health and happiness.

Mindfulness: Exercise helps us to connect to ourselves; we are immersed in the moment – sheer joy of participation and we follow the steps that are needed for the action…. Long walks are also incredibly calming and regulates movement and breath – which improves wellness,

A tale on swimming: Swimming was not easy; the fear of water was a potential barrier- I had to teach myself to overcome the fear before I could take my first lesson. For days and months I just watched people swim and then noticed that swimming has a beat to it – one –two- three -breathe- which for me was a learning point …. And now I feel blessed for being able to swim a good 40 lengths!! I tend to use flippers though … as it makes my swimming quicker, easier and for me more joyful. Yoga, and swimming are the activities that have helped me fill up my wellness reservoir …..

Breathing has a powerful influence on mind body and wellness. Yoga, swimming and running are all exercises that focus on the breath. So this was why I made sure that my wellness workshop would have a movement component in it ….

In my practice I have always included exercise as integral to interventions and seen the benefits; individuals who access regular robust fitness consistently make steady gains.

In my next blog I will share some highlights from a very commended book SPARK I read in 2016 ; In sharing I  hope that this adds to your knowledge on the scientist benefits of exercise on individual and collective wellness

“ The mind is everything … what we think , we become.” Gautama Buddha


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