Art and Connections ….

I write this with conviction …… as having grown into a better version of myself through my creative ventures.

The intention of  sharing this is- you might want to find a simple way to identify and connect  to the artist within you.

Art creates a forum for meaningful talk…. and helps us to connect and relate to our social world. As a young mum, I introduced both my boys to art at a very early age – as a family we had and continue to have heaps of fun with paper, pencils and lots of colours.

Here is the story of my Love4acause

Initially I did my art for fun and I realised that I loved it so much. The bonus was my family and friends were appreciative of my art. My friends who have received my piece of work as a gift were sincere in their appreciation. This motivated the start of my community artwork project. I began to make a portfolio of my art. I contributed some of my work as cards to some of charities close to my heart.

I began a community page called Love4acause in 2011- the year I organised a fund-raising event for Totara Hospice ….This was a simple sweet and most rewarding experience.Am still so thankful for the support and encouragement from friends old and new. The event was hosted at one of the local schools with performances from David House Music School and Jaye`s Dance Studio performing…

Art build on new and existing connections

  • Connecting to positive kind friends helps us create nurturing experiences.
  • Nurturing kind experiences help us to stay connected to ourselves and
  • Grow into better version of ourselves….
  • All of us have a unique strength – or capability
  • Tap into your own strengths
  • Take ownership of what brings joy for you
  • It could be pottery, or sketching or cooking or writing
  • Keep a log of your work
  • Create and personalise a gift
  • Share it with family your friends
  • Be kind to yourself when you make mistakes
  • Connect with those who have the same interest
  • Enjoy and experience your wellbeing flourish 😊

You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give – Kahlil Gibran


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