Art and Reflection

I choose to call art as an excercise in quiet thinking …..

Art and Wellbeing

To my dear readers,

In today`s post I write on art and reflection . When I work on my art – I find this an intensely peaceful and calming exercise …. This has a significant impact on wellbeing.  

Art helps us to connect with your inner self – you choose the colours you like and create shapes that is unique to your liking.

When we engage in art we grow quiet and still; this quietness is very calming for the brain.

When we spend time in thinking or reflecting – we create a very calming space within us.

Taking time to reflect facilitates qualities and values such as kindness and compassion.

Practising any creative activity that is nurturing allows us to be better thinkers and learners.

 Cherish routines that has ample scope for thinking and reflection …. walking, swimming, meditating and of course painting. I love to walk and swim; I take time for ,myself to think and feel sheer joy in painting.

INTENTION : In sharing this, my wish for you is to take up something creative, get immersed in the joy of creating – be it making a delightful meal, or learning a new song or painting your unique picture.

I have shared 3 of my artwork with a wee history of it`s making …..

Faith – was a picture that I created for my friend ; I painted on a coaster – and it turned out right 🙂

Tagore- was an artist, musician , and poet – he was also the first non European to win the Nobel prize for Literature. I have a great respect for him and did this piece of work for my study.

Abel Tasman: Was about remembering our hike across the spectacular Abel Tasman on a beautiful summer day


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-12.png
Abel Tasman

Taking up art:

  • Focus on the feeling of calm when  you sketch or paint
  • Give your art work a name – even if you think it looks like a scribble – it is still unique
  • Keep a visual diary
  • Tune into nature 
  • Use nature as a visual for inspiration
  • Familiarise yourself with artworks that please you
  • Visit exhibitions, galleries, museums
  • Enjoy the present moment &
  • Have a lot of fun ….. 🙂


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