Visual art aids in wellbeing ….and so I say 😊

My love for colours and tryst with art started right from my pre-school days. In my early days I recall vividly that I would just amuse myself working on walls of colours– first a blue , then a green , then a yellow and so on….. Am not sure at what point I delved into simple forms of art – a house with a red roof, a tree and then more….

This is how art evolved for me….The intention of today`s writing is to affirm all of the positives that come from taking up art …..

Here`s to what does for wellbeing…..

The act of drawing or sketching or painting is done mindfully and with care. Art helps one to stay connected with the present

The repetitive nature of tracing on a line is peaceful  or

Painting – working on strokes until you get the colour and effects right – is one of the best forms of therapy.

Art is about being in the present moment

Art is therefore very calming and promotes wellness

Art and the brain


Working on act that is calming , quiet and peaceful – is very good for the brain.

How this works…..

Remember we think of the brain as a four layered box – starting from the

# 4 bottom most layer the stem that looks after the fright or flight response

# 3 movement- the layer in charge of movement

#2 the feelings- the layer that takes care of our feelings and

# 1 the learning or the thinking part of the brain

So when we work on art, the stem of the brain is relaxed.

When the stem of the brain is relaxed we feel peaceful.

When we feel peaceful we are able to focus better on our day to day lives

Studies in brain science indicates that feeling peaceful allows for new braincells to be formed.

This allows us to feel strong and well and resilient.  

A bit about Endorphins :

Studies also show that when you enjoy an activity such as art – the brain releases a happy hormone called endorphins.

Endorphins help in having a happy healthy brain.

So let`s Reach4Art – one moment in time ….


One thought on “ART & WELLNESS

  1. Thanks Raji. Another nice piece.
    I am adding some art into my life — I have found it is adding a dimension nothing else quite does. It is not always a peaceful process for me, it can be frustrating, but I think the more I do bits of painting, the more rewarding and calming it becomes.
    Looking forward to your next post!


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