Resilience and wellness

Swimming in the arctic

Intention of this post is to share and simplify the concept of resilience – add more wellness to our everyday lives

My story of choosing resilience  

Personalising the concept  I always knew the meaning of resilience – yes – it seems simple and easy – but there are times when I have struggled to be resilient in some circumstances.

I have needed to break things down for myself –what are my values goals and experiences that are meaningful to me.

I have found immense value in the power of words and language

Making scripts , using words to describe the current context and my goals

Breaking it down to personalised snapshots has helped me to embrace resilience and wellness.

Picasso`s note

The power of words : Using words as how it has helped me to internalise the concept of resilience ….

Resilience for me is about

Being able to manage ourselves, being calm even when we have new challenges

Finding positive and meaningful ways of connecting to our experiences. Feeling healthy and happy within ourselves

Having the readiness to take on new experiences.

In my next post I will  share a visual of how resilience happens ….so you can get creative in crafting your own journey of resilience …..

Swimming for fitness , music and art are some of my interests that adds to my reservoir of wellness ….


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