Let’s remember to be kind , creative and constructive…

Kia Ora dear readers as we begin to feel the breath of the sinner month -…. although , for the past week the sun seems to have taken an indecisive stance 😳☀️😊 ….

Much of the work that I do is about helping clients to think better , feel better and do better which is not always easy . Emotions play a huge role in how we think – how we feel and what we do …

So what does one do when feelings and emotions take over abd when things feel incredibly tough and the journey becomes arduous .….

Here is the step by step process

Name the feeling

Acknowledge the feeling – lean into it

Use self talk to say “ I am feeling sad or I am feeling exhausted or it can also be I am feeling angry

Lean into the feeling as you use self talk

Then stay with that feeling

Be incredibly gentle and patient with yourself

Give yourself a time limit to stay with that sadness – it can be 5 min or 20 min ….

However then remind yourself that it is okay to feel that way I do – I am now going to do the next best thing for myself and then choose to do something kind or creative or constructive and you will notice that the feelings will begin to wane and you will make the shift to a happier place

Being kind to yourself can look like choosing to make yourself a hot drink or a warm meal or be in the midst of something or someone that fills you will kindness and compassion 🥗🍀👯

Being creative looks like making a meal or drawing a picture or writing a kind note to yourself 🖌️🖼️

Being constructive looks like talking to a friend – making a list of your goals or taking a walk or reading a book 📚

Wishing you all a wonderful Tuesday – here’s to more kindness , more creativity and steps towards constructive living ☘️🌟

Much love


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