Regal Wellness

Kia Ora dear readers,

Whatever life throws at our way,our individual responses will be able to make us stronger ,for walking through and sharing the load” Queen Elizabeth II

The intention of today`s writing is to share insights of what I know of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the II – the longest serving monarch and the learning that we could take from her long and well lived life. I write this on two accounts from a personal and global perspective – as a global citizen I write here with conviction that Grace and Wisdom come as a Light and a Blessing.

On a personal note, Queen`s passing felt just a little more personal as her passing was on the same day as my beloved grandmother – who also lived like a queen, lived long, emanated grace, wisdom and died most peacefully with family by her side. As a global citizen I am in awe of the consistency of how Her Majesty served her nation and connected to the rest of the world.   As a wellness practitioner I am compelled to write on this – the Queen followed through with all of the steps that welcomes wellness and wisdom; she emanated Grace in the way she served tirelessly and in the manner of how she connected with humanity.

It was reported that she always made sure that people feel comfortable in her presence. That quality is a mark of steadfast greatness. Opulence, and wealth are transient – the connections we make and the impact of how we connect – how we make people feel is the highest mark of social and emotional intelligence. So here – lets be conscious of how we choose to be present , connect and make people feel

I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold, service was joy. Rabindranath Tagore

The words we use becomes the script of how we create our reality – on her 21st birthday she announced “I declare before you all that my whole life whether it be long or short shall be devoted to your service …………” We know for sure that she did this to perfection right -until the day before her passing –her smile, her presence and her dedication to serve was a hallmark of greatness.

The Queen`s love for dogs – and the sheer delight and joy that she shared openly in being with her beloved dogs will always be remembered. The numerous snapshots with her dogs and her love for horses reflect her warmth, and radiance and the joy that she took in being in the company of her pets.  Her time with her pets reinforces the constant that the unconditional love of animals -especially dogs bestow the best of wellness to all of humanity. The personal anecdotes of those closest to her reflects that she made time to connect even with the tiny tots of her family. Hearing more of these anecdotes of Her Majesty on her final farewell  has been historical , splendid –a lesson in anthropology – and the rainbows that lit up the skies – in places that she called home -bestowed a sense of awe and respect to the departed soul.  

“That you are here

That life exists and identity

That the powerful play goes on

And you may contribute a verse” – Walt Whitman

This being a reminder to all of us that no matter what personal and professional lives demand of us, making times for the cherished connections paves the way for a culture of togetherness, love and much much more.

Lets find small ways to serve the community – and contribute to greater good – offering time , sharing your knowledge , using kind words to help someone feel better, also goes into the umbrella of service.

When being present or speaking to someone –

Be aware of the use of words, tone of voice

The words we choose becomes a script for our lives

Use detail – remember something about another – that makes them feel better for it

Use body language that is gentle , and assuring

When taking leave or finishing a conversation – pause and

Finish with warmth and generosity of spirit

We are not all to the manor born –

 however, in the way we choose to be

we can leave footprints on the sands of time that

Resonates with the ethos of

 Greatness, Grace,

Wellness and Wisdom

Towards greater goodness and peace ,

Much love


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