Wellness – insights from a sculpture trail

Insight from the sculpture trail ….

Jorge Wright – sculpture trail 💙

The highlight of my weekend in Waiheke was about indulging in the aesthetic delights….

The intention of my writing today is to affirm the practice of delighting in the senses using a mindful approach

To delight in the senses – is about taking notice of what we see, the sounds we hear , the sensation of touch ,taking in the smells -and engaging with our taste buds .

It is also about creating space to reflect on what matters most in the present moment

It is to affirm a closeness to the core of who we are and what we take with gratitude or give with compassion on any given moment

It is to understand that the presence is a gift

Contours & Colours from a platter 🍀

Now about the sculpture trail
What caught my eye – on that trip had much to do with my mahi or work….

One of the artist’s had amazingly carved out his work to depict the healing that comes when seeking mental wellness through therapy … it’s about letting someone into your personal space – your head within . It’s about trusting – sharing – reflecting – exploring – implementing and then allowing the light for healing

Shapes and colours remind me to keep at my art again 🎼🎸🍀🌟💙

This piece of work symbolizes the courage and bravery of those who allow to open their vulnerabilities – and seek help to become better versions of themselves

I felt blessed to be able to enjoy this piece of work and I as meandered through the walk with my cherished friend – I felt an overpowering sense of humility , honour and wellness to be working in the realm of mental Health

Picture perfect pets 💙🌟

Please take time to
Smell the roses
See the stars
Touch a leaf or flower or tree
Hear the birds and
Taste an apple
And /or
Take a seat
Wear a smile
Delight in the flow of your breath
And /or
Go for a walk – enjoy the cool air
The morning”s sun
The chill of the breeze and
Give thanks for today

A picture called Grace

In my next blog I will write on another piece of work on that sculpture trail

Movement and Rhythm

Ma te wa for now🍀


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